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Tab fixed? Prior to rescheduled visit from tech hook up?

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Connection guy was great but couldn't hook me up, as "tab" in ground box out front broken. I've now been sent rescheduled tech setup visit. Before I take another unpaid afternoon off work, I'd like to know if this outdoor Telstra tab has been fixed first, so we don't revisit last week's issues. Thanks.

Hi @Indianajane000 ,

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We're able to locate your account using your community details and we've seen that this issue with your NBN service installation is now being handled by our Provisioning Team. We'll pass this on to them for additional reference.


This has been raised to NBN Co. directy, based on the latest case progress the NBN Technician was unable to complete the installation as the infrastructure requires an upgrade at the moment we're waiting an update from NBN Co. and this will be provided by the assigned Case Manager handling this case via Phone call or SMS.