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Technician No Show - Unacceptable service

Level 2
After a week and a half with no internet, the technician appointment finally arrives today (Monday).
I take the day off work as I’m told that there needs to be someone at the premises and the technician does not show up. No call or text from TPG to let me know. They had confirmed the appointment by text on Friday.
Unacceptable service. I understand that rescheduling is sometimes necessary but how can they not have a system in place to inform the customer?!
I’d love to send them a bill for a day of my time. Bunch of #{%{^{ers .
I’ve lodged a complaint with the ombudsman but hold out no great hope.
Guess we’ll try and get this fixed and then give these tools the flick.
Level 2
As others have also pointed out, if the customer misses the appointment WE all get charged a fee. Hypocrites.

Hi @damienandjess,


We responded to your initial post located here

We have identified that the issue is with the network controlled by the NBN Co. This unfortunately means the only NBN Co. Technicians have the authority to fix this fault.

Our Engineers dispatched an NBN technician who replaced the DPU unit and the service has been restored. At the moment it is connected for 1d 23h 36m.

One of our Engineers tried to contact you today for service confirmation but unreachable they also sent you an email and you may contact them via return mail.