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I just moved into a three story house. The router is on the second floor and we get good internet coverage on the top and second floor. but the bottom floor is not so great. There is a second ethernet wall connection on the first floor, can I plug in a second router and use it at the same time with the same internet bundle?

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If this is posible, what is the next step? And if not, what other methods are there?

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Re the second ethernet connection on the first floor; does its cable run up to the second floor to another outlet? If so, you run a cable from this outlet to a LAN port on the main router and connect another router on the first floor to the outlet there. The first floor router functions as a wifi extender for the main router. You can also connect ethernet devices to it. You can move around with wifi devices.

There are articles on the internet on how to do this, eg.

There's a bit of experimentation involved.


There is also this article:


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Thanks you very much for the info mate 😊