UNI D1 no light

Level 2
Hi there, I have the issue where my UNI-D1 port won't activate. ie no light on UNI-D1 port, which is the port I was told to connect to. (Should I try other ports?)
Optical light is green. Modem is one supplied by TPG.

Hi @hpiexcil,


If there's no light on your UNI-D port, that's an indication that the NBN connection box is not detecting the router or a possible faulty UNI-D port.


It would be helpful that customers are aware of the UNI-D port where their TPG service is provisioned and they can find this information on the welcome email that we normally send.


We also recommend having a read of this community article to ensure that the equipment is properly set up: NBN Fibre To The Premise (NBN FTTP) Setup Guide


In your instance, we have identified that there's an addressing issue affecting the activation of your NBN FTTP service and this has been raised to NBN Co. for further investigation.



Level 2
I report this problem on Monday, a week past could you please tell me how long that TPG needed to solve this problem.