Udp speed

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Hi does anybody know how to check udp speed? Apparently the speed from speed test shows TCP...I have some devices that are not working properly, I've been told it's because my udp is not fast enough, I've called tpg, been sent from one person to another for 30 mins and no one is able to help.i was about to get transferred back to the beginning.

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We do not rate limit UDP traffic.


What application are you running that is using UDP and how did you know that your UDP speed is slow?


Are you able to provide us more information for us to analyze the situation?


If you can give us a screenshots of the tests, it will help us as well.


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Hi @sarasieng, are you able to do a  ping and traceroute test to the device you are connecting to?


Please send the ping and traceroute test to helpdesk@tpg.com.au so we can further check on this.


We'll wait for your response.