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Unable to connect using Outlook for Office 365

Level 2

I have a TPG IMAP Email account which has worked fine for years.

I connect with Outlook for Office 365 from my PC; From my Mail app on my Iphone; and from a web browser.

However a couple of weeks ago my Outlook account stopped connecting.

I've deleted and re-connected

I've tried everything I can think of.

I use the same passwords and usernames as work fine on webmail and IOS. 

But no way will Outlook connect to the server.


The thing is that my IMAP account is now full. 

But I need Outlook to backup the directories to an archive file, so that I can delete files to reduce my account size. 




Hi @Ray2 . With the Outlook client on your PC, there must be some sort of error message.

Level 2

Thanks for the response David64.

you are right, but the message doesn't help me very much.
I have deleted the account from Outlook and tried to reinstall it.

when  it tries to connect the message says:

"Something went wrong


We couldn't connect to the incoming (IMAP) server. Please check the incoming (IMAP) server settings and try again."


I am using the same settings as work on my IPad and webmail on the PC.

Further, I can't log on to the TPG community page from this PC so have to type the message that come up on the PC into this community page on my IPad.

It is like TPG is preventing my PC from connecting in any way. (Except webmail, which works on the PC.)

As I say 


Hi @Ray2 . Any chance Outlook has been updated recently? The IMAP incoming port is 143.

It's odd you can't get to Community. There is a link to it on the bottom of home page, which is also the way to Post Office and My Account.

What happens when you try to get to Community?

Level 3

You're not using a VPN are you? This can interfere with Outlook 365