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Unit block three times still no install

Level 2
Three visits by nbn installers
3 times same story
I have no cable and as I’m up on third floor it’s too hard and too dangerous to do
Reparation may come through ???
I have given up
Too hard to navigate this alone

Hi @ccsweeney0965


Welcome to the Community! 


There are different types of service class types when it comes to an NBN installation. 


Yours is under the Service class Type 22 under the NBN HFC which means drop or line is in place however wall plate NTD are not available yet.


As advised by the NBN field technician, he was unable to complete the installation as an Elevated Platform is required to complete this job. This is currently being reviewed by NBN's case management team.

TPG NBN Provsioning Team is awaiting updates from NBN regarding the next step in completing the installation. 


A Case Manager is also assigned to closely monitor the progress and will be in touch as soon as an update becomes available. 



We apologise for the inconvenience.