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Urgent complaint re service disconnection

Level 2
Level 2

I would like to make an urgent complaint.


Our NBN has been disconnected today and reconnected at the address we moved from 5 months ago. We have not requested any type of changes to our service or address. We have contacted TPG many times over the last week to let them know of the mistake but no-one has responded. 


We require NBN urgently to work from home.


Please contact us about this asap.


Thank you. 

Level 3

Hope this was resolved friend.


Hi crew. Hope ur good.


I also wish to make a formal complaint regarding high weekly spending on your service just to remain connected. So far in 6 days i've paid you $100. Plus my usual monthly charges. $400 per month +. Is this normal? Does it make sense to continue like this? Please send a tech out and we can finish the job and everyone's happy.


 I am now paying $100 per week to keep my mobile phone data topped up. This is because i'm using phone as hot spot for my internet. My internet has remained disconnected since last week. A lot of talk, but no effective action. Tech has not visited to fix. I am available tomorrow morning 9-12. Saturday 9-12.


Cheers, Greg


Hi @gforcej,


Speeds and performance of an ADSL connection is affected due to the infrastructure limitation of the legacy copper network.


We also understand that your speed is not stable and this matter has already been raised to our Engineering team for investigation. 


Further updates will be provided as soon as it becomes available. We apologise for the inconvenience.