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Hi - I see this is a known issue experienced by other customers. I have just put in a request for moving online and had expected to be asked as part of the process which date I would like my current service terminated and the new one connected. This is not the case and now I am concerned I am going to loose my connection too soon. 

I am unable to call as it is out of hours, but will try tomorrow, however would appreciate if someone can assist me directly.





Hi @hippo304,


Welcome to the Community! 


For any Relocation requests, it is best to contact and get in touch with our Relocation team so they can discuss more information pertaining to the transfer. 


Nonetheless, based on the recent update on your account, a member of our Relocation specialists was able to assist you with regards to the transfer of your services. 


Should any assistance is required, feel free to let us know or you may contact their team directly on 1300 865 124. Monday - Friday (8am - 9pm) Weekends & Public Holidays (9am - 6pm).