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Use of ATA with TPG NBN VoIP

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I have unsuccessfully rung TPG for help with the use of my fax and wall phones on NBN voip. It appears that every moron keeps saying the cannot be done have to buy cordless phones.... REALLY ... I have 330KV powerlines almost on top of my house...has TPG ever told their employees of electrical interference??? Seriously folks I rang England to talk to a company re voip and they asked " don't your telcos advise you about ATA ". Obviously not! ... ok I want to use my fax for at least another two years and need to use wall phone/ corded phones....please is there an intelligent person in TPG and when I say I will go to the TPG office in North Ryde , I was almost threatened  and that no one will talk to me !!   Hell it sounds like when I was a Telstra customer..


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This information is from TPG Support > Frequently Asked Questions >



Will my medical alarm, security alarm, EFTPOS machine or fax machine work on the nbn™ network?


Many types of devices that are normally connected to phone lines (such as medic alarms, back to base alarms, EFTPOS machines, fax machines and more) can work over the nbn™, however please contact the service provider to make sure - you may need to order a specific type of phone service on the nbn™ in order for these services to continue working.


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