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I am on speed 12.5 (speed test done and ok) but my system sometimes won't send/receive  emails and sometime whilst on the internet it just won't turn the page and looks like it is trying but just hasn't got enough power to do it.

Do I need to upgrade the speed or do I have an NBN problem - this has only happened since switching to NBN?


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line, but was not able to detect any fault.


Are you using a WiFi or Wired connection? We've created articles that may help you improve your home network.

Please note that your NBN12 plan is configured with 1 Mbps Upload only. So if you are uploading some files and try to open other websites or application, it may cause a traffic that may result to slow connection speed.



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Thanks Basil, if there are no faults as you suggest, do you think things would improve if I upgraded to 50mbs instead of the 12.
As you can see I’m no tech head and as I am mid 70s I am struggling, but I appreciate your help, cheers K

Hi @kayziek45 . Your ADSL speed may have been higher than your NBN12 speed. The speed you need depends on how many users, and what type of things you do (NBN12 is ok for email and browsing the internet). You might consider NBN25 as intermediate step.