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What is the point of TPG's moving house service?

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I've been a TPG customer since 2013  -  I arranged to use the moving house service to terminate my old NBN plan, and connect my new plan. The disconnection went fine, but I have zero update or communication around when my new service will be connected. 


I'd assuming using the moving home service meant TPG would do some provisioning work up front to get the NBN sorted at the new property so I'm only a few days out of internet instead of a complete question mark.


I can assume that we're waiting for an NBN installer since it's HFC NBN (even though I don't need a technician out, the NBN is already wired into the house from the previous owner and I just need the NCD) 


Is there any escalation point to find out where my installation is sitting beyond the completely useless 'check your installation progress' utility? I have no tracking note or despatch note from the NCD, and no information about when the technician will book an install. 


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Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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Thanks Peter for kicking that off - we'll wait and see the response for sending out the NCD. 


For those that come across this thread - 


A) I'd advised TPG some weeks ago that the NCD isn't present, but the call center had informed me there's nothing they can do until the actual 'on' date (when the service swaps to the new location). They are also following a very strict script on HFC provision  - saying in all cases a technician needs to come out for HFC NBN.  


B) TPG still need to send out the NCD. Upon checking with NBN  - it is NOT process that HFC must be attended by a technician in all cases  - only where a fresh install is required. If you're already wired up (they have the records for this and will check for you) the ball is purely in TPG's court. What happened to me is an edge case from TPG which in theory shouldn't occur often. (The previous owner got NBN provisioned but not actually installed as they didn't want/need internet, although this also occur if someone nicks off with the NCD when moving which they have a seperate process for) 


C) To answer my own question - There is some benefit in using 'Moving Home' if the NBN NCD is already in place, no point if not (and you can explore competitors with no difference in setup times. YMMV.)