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When can I get the modem?

Level 2

  So a few days back, someone helped me to install the NBN black box, after the installation I used my own modem to try it out. The NBN box was all working, but my own modem that connected to the NBN box showed that there wasn't any internet connection. Therefore, I contacted the TPA, they said it should have a black box that I already had and a new white modem. However, I didn't receive any white modem from TPA before or after the installation. Therefore, I want to know where can I receive the white modem or the modem will send by TPA using mail?

Thank you.

Level 2

I mean the TPG, not TPA. So sorry.


Hi @abcd1963,


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As discussed with you yesterday by our Helpdesk Team, your modem is currently sitting at the post office. Startrack attempted to deliver the modem on April 30 but there was no one to receive it.


You need to pick up the modem from the post office. Please bring a valid ID. We've sent you an SMS providing the consignment number and the post office you need to visit.


Let me know if you have other concerns.