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Why another $300?!

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Why am I charged for the NDC fee when NBN boxes were already installed in my premise?

I just moved in into a new property and everything seems to be okay...






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hi @D_Hasselhoff


From reading the rules, the only time when $300 will be levied is when NBN rules declare your home as Greenfield. If the NBN declare the premises as GF then they pass that to TPG to on charge. If there was already an end user before then the $300 should not be charged. TPG Service Delivery should check with NBNco for you.


If you the 1st person at the new property then you will need to pay it as this is a pass on from NBNco..

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That's darn expensive considering that I'll be paying TPG and NBN monthly connection fees on top of the $300 that I assume will be used to connect the NBN line. I thought that coming in to the property everything has already been setup! This should have be the lardlords responsibility do you think? I guess the term "NBN ready" has multiple meaning...

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In some state, such as NSW some landlords pay up to $270 to get a phone/ADSL service connected, from my personal experience happened to me when I moved into a place in NSW with no internet/phone, I just ended up paying the gap.


There should only be one cost, NBN cannot directly bill you for services unless it is a wholesale service, they are wholesalers, not providers, TPG should just pass through the cost if generated.

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G'Day D_Hasselhoff, unfortunately as previously mentioned, that's a direct NBN Co. charge. I've heard of some people getting their landlords to agree to pay the fee when initially leasing a property, and it may even be worthwhile hitting them up for it afterwards.

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Thanks @everyone, definitely! I think the landlord and the property manager should have been upfront with on this from the beginning.




This has always been the case in Australia unfortunately. 


Moving into new premise Telstra used to charge $299.00 for New Line Connection + Setup Fee's/Connection Charges for ADSL Jumpering and Activation.


Now NBN is doing something similar. If you wish to find the breakdown in NBN Charges find it on their website:


I hope this gives a better understanding of what charges NBN likes to pass on to RSP's/Developers and End Users.


When I moved in to my new place I had to pay $299.00 for Telephony connection.I asked landlord  if he could Provide me access to essential services like telephony and if he would be able to cover some/all of the costs. They decided to met me half way.


Maybe it might pay off you calling your Real Estate Agent/Landlord to explain this one time fee and if he is in a position to assist in paying. Some landlords will pay this and deduct from rent others wont. 


Good Luck.


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Think of it like paying to get the gas installed for the first time? Internet is a commodity these days, after all!


Keep in mind that the $300 New Development Charge is something NBN levy to all providers and TPG are simply passing it on, not making any profit on it. Regardless, agree the $300 would definitely sting and the best bet may be trying to get the landlord or developer to cover the cost and provide you premises which are internet-capable.