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Why is there no ticket system for issues?

Level 2
Level 2

The online chat was ridiculous even when it was working (position in queue only intermittently visible and you have to be ready when you get to top of queue, or you get reset - easy technical fix!). But every time I try now I don't even get put in a stupidly long queue. I understand you are under pressure, but every other organisation has a mechanism for creating a ticket to address issues. It may take a while for issues to be addressed, but customers can at least raise them and you can deal with them methodically. The current situation seems hopelessly inefficient for you and completely unacceptable for customers - as seen by the many comments here.


I am waiting for an NBN installation. The technician arrived, but said he was given the wrong port number and he had no way of contacting TPG to get this addressed. The online installation status has still not been updated. After several days I received a generic email saying to refer to the online installation status.


It seems I have no way of communicating with TPG. Please advise what I can actually do.

Level 3
Hello, I’ve been having issues recently too and they actually gave me a ticket after I emailed them at, and I also received messages that said I could reply SMS to +61 416 906 330. I don’t know if these will work for you, but I hope you try it because they issued me a ticket! I hope your problem gets resolved soon.