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Worst company and experience ever! Accc and telecommunications ombudsman should close this company down

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I signed up with TPG 6 days ago and was given a date and time frame for my technician to arrive, on the day around 4:36pm I was notified my technician was on the way.. it was 7:46 when I called and ended up talking to the worst customer service staff who suggested I wait 24 hours to investigate why the technician never showed before they could reschedule another appointment and then when I suggested I wanted to cancel I was told I will be charged further and won't get a refund for the service I wasn't provided with in the first place, which makes no sense how your business model can even stay afloat when you practically commit fraud on a daily basis so I've escalated a complaint to the telecommunications ombudsman and the ACCC because no service or resolution was provided! Luckily this company manages internet and not electricity or we would all be in the dark 


Hi @Nefzspare


Was this for an installation or repair? We'd like to understand what happened in this instance so we can also raise the matter to NBN CO.


Kindly send your Customer ID or username via private message so we can sort this out.