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compliant! no one coming to install NBN/NCD

Level 2

About two weeks ago, i got email and msg that someone would come today to install NBN and provide NCD(by advice from this community).


2 days ago, I got phone call from NBN to confirm this.


Today, no one is coming. I have to stay home for whole day. I called NBN first because I got number from incoming call. I was advised that "something wrong with internet service provider that something they did not complete"?! I was advised to contact with TPG. If TPG knows there is incompleted job, why dont you cancel the appointment at an earlier time? 


Furthermore, just after my phone call to NBN, I got msg from TPG that the installation was re scheduled to 03 March, which is about 3 weeks later?!


What is going on here?! What job you didnt complete?  Why cant I have an earlier installation?! Can I cancel my order and get my money back?!




Hi @conveyancing ,

We apologise for the delay in installing your NBN service. Every effort is made to install the service within the initial installation date however we acknowledge that from time to time there are unforeseen delays which can unfortunately lead to appointments being rescheduled.


We will chase this with our Provisioning Team to clarify the new appointment schedule and advise them to contact you tomorrow. Please confirm your best contact number and preferred time.