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hard to be patient in nbn installation

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I am suffering from internet churning from testra ADSL2 to TPG nbn (FTTC) a few days.

Because I am running home business, and lots of internet communication with my customers through SNS, I am in very urgent need to finish my problem.


As I had received the NCD box and Router and "Service Active" SMS text from TPG as well after my order, I connected all devices correctly (I have enough knowledge to do it because of my IT experience over 30 years) and have looked forward to getting connected so far and frequently checked NCD box whether the solid blue lit comes on or not yet.


During days of waiting, I have had a few calls with TPG guys, only repetitive investigations have done but no effective action was not done so far. As I can't spend time without nothing changed, I have searched the nbnco site with my address and the nbnco site responded that older phone number should be first disconnected in order to get the nbn signal over the existing phone line.

Since that time, I had thought that TPG would make my phone line disconnected prior to make nbn active into my premises.


Anyway I tried to check the older phone number and I found that it had not beed disconnected yet.


So... I chatted with Telstra CS and made it disconnected along with help of kind telstra cs guy and received the confirmation number of my request and the message as effective date notice as of yesterday. Therefore, I can cconfirm that if I call to my old number, the ARS told me that your number is disconnected.


That was all the situation I have experienced until yesterday.


Still I have no information about how my installation is going on and what problem blocks the processing of installtion. Please help me to continue to run my home business as usual as I have few days ago.


@nathancheong thank you for your inquiry. I had a chat with our provisioning team about your concerns. By design all that needs to be done on your specific installation is connect the equipment and withing 24 hours NBN should be able to activate this, since this did not happen a technician is being sent out to look into the installation. The earliest dispatch has been requested and they will contact you directly to make the arrangement.


Thank you.

Joseph D