Level 2



A technician came on Monday march 23rd to set up the new NBN. He did set it up then left without trying if it was working saying that we have to call tpg and then they will activate the new system (NBN + Modem).

I tried to call but impossible to have an answer and they ask to go to the support page on the website but I can't find where to activate it.


I have followed to check for our NBN network status and outage through the link on your website, and it says that our address isn't connected. I don't understand s I received multiple emails from you saying that we are all ready to go to use your NBN and we must install it. 


I have followed all your instructions and steps you required but nothing is working. What is going on?

who is right? Are we good to go using NBN or not?

I am tired of your services not working or keep on dropping. the following after install is pretty bad.


Understand that with the situation we are at the moment my wife and I must work from home and therefore we need the internet which at the moment and for few days we are using it through our mobile data which cost us a lot of extra money. Of course, you still request that we pay our bills for your internet which isn't working.

I am expecting from you a quick answer and also all this situation to resolve ASAP, and also what you can do for the connection not working for a while and us spending more money for a service we were supposed to have.