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< E:adsl_comm:thread_exists > when attempting to upgrade plan

Level 2

This is extremely frustrating and I have contacted technical support multiple times.

I was connected to NBN yesterday morning at about 10am and the internet was working within 30 minutes of the NBN technician plugging in the box.

However, I am now stuck and cannot upgrade my plan and am getting half my adsl2+ speed.

The problem seems to be because the installation process is still at the installation is in progress stage (despite the internet working fine). I received an email yesterday night saying my nbn has activated and was good to go as well.

Tpg, can you please answer the following questions:

1. What is the underlying activity blocking me from updating my plan?
2. Who is responsible for progressing my nbn activation to the next Stage?

I’ve put this here because I’m sure other people have had this problem. If you need my file, please look up my customer id: 6747543.

Thank you!
Level 2

This has since been resolved (thank you if you investigated this). I have also been able to request an update to my plan so no outstanding issues now.

Either way, it might be worth letting people know what the answer to the above questions are anyhow in case they have a similar issue.