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modem delivered, nbn wireless ok, no TPG activation

Level 2

My daughter has the same problem as one of your other customers who said "My NBN seems to be stuck in the same limbo! The modem was delivered but TPG seems to have forgotten the rest."

Tried phoning yesterday and chat  3 hours she finally got through they said they would pass her enquiry on to someone else. Cut her off so she had to do the same thing , they done it again.

 Now I tried on behalf of her  as I am already with TPG  to find the complaints email address is a DELIBERATELY displayed image with no link so you cant actually get an email address.

There is something very wrong here, when deliberately  a company is buying time so they dont have to answer questions.  I would like to know  if you cant  finalize the connection from your end I suggest you let her know before the ACCC comes knocking.