nbn NCD not connecting

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I have received my nbn modem and NCD as well as my sms to connect, but nothing is happening. The NCD only shows power and the link lights on, the DSL and LAN lights are off.

The DSL light blinks a few times when first connecting power then never comes on. Could you please help with sorting my connection out.


Hi Barnesd09,

Thanks for your post, I have included a "How to setup FTTC" link to a TPG video for you. https://link.tpg.com.au/fttc

In addition make sure you have no other devices connected to any additional phone outlets you may have such as telephone, answering machines, fax and back to base alarm systems. Also do not use any ADSL filters you may have previously needed.

Good luck, I hope that helps.

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Hi there barnesd09,


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We have an article that you may find helpful,  this will guide you on how to track your NBN service installation. How to track your TPG service installation


 i have checked your status and your installation is still progressing.
We’re working hard on getting the service available for you. We'll keep you posted on the progress!


Once the NBN service installation is complete you may proceed on setting up the equipment or the modem/router. You may check this guide.

New Connection Setup Help


Let me know how you go 


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Thanks Len_C.

Your instructions to customers are very clear straight forward and easy to follow.

I just find it odd that I have received all the equipment and the SMS saying my connection is setup asking me to connect everything, when it isn't ready.

Might be a bit more usful and not so frustrating for customers if there was a proceedure TPG followed step by step, with checks, to ensure customers aren't notified thier connection is ready, when it is not. 

I'll await further notification. Smiley Very Happy


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Just a quick update.
I jave since spoken with TPG support and we went through the remote install process again, however no luck. The DSL and LAN lights wont turn on. The DSL flashes a few times and the NCD does some clicks but no luck.
There is a technician booked to come and do a physical installation next week.
Will let you know how things go.

Hi there barnesd09,


Thank you for keeping me posted , thats unfortunate its has not been resolved just yet, however the last resort the technician visit should sort it all out im sure..


You take care, thanks again for your patience 


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