no available ports

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I have no internet 24 days.....

I have had no update from TPG 14days.
I have had no responce 7 days.
I am very sad.


Is it possible to connect the Internet during this year?

Is there something I will do for my Internet connection?


I'd like to know rough plan about when I can use the Internet.

If you don't mind Please let me know by text or email.


I appreciate your hard work on this.


Hi @neroo20,


Welcome to the community.


We'd love to help and see what happened on this installation.


PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account)


I'll wait for your response.


Cheers! Smiley Happy

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I have no internet 26 days.....but, I pay money

I have had no update from TPG 16days.

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I have no internet 38 days

I have had no update from TPG 28days.

Will be making a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman if this is not resolved until this month.

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Hi! I’m in the same situation! Have they taken any money from you??
Because they did to me and I’m without home line and internet from the 22/11/2017 but on the 22/12 they charged me with 80$ plan as agreed per contract but without providing any service!!!

Hi @neroo20,


We can see DSL is still connected, we will get one of our Technicians to contact you to ensure that it is working properly while our provisioning team look into getting you an TPG FTTB service.


PM me your best contact number and preferred time today.



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When will the Internet connect?????????

Community Manager

Hi @neroo20,

We have worked tirelessly with our wholesale partner to resolve your port allocation issue.

The good news is your buildings TPG FTTB service is scheduled to be upgraded on the 31 January.

After the physical upgrade we will contact you to organise the technician to complete the install.

I will prioritise your installation to be completed as quickly as possible.

Thanks for you patience




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Did you upgrade?????

Community Manager

Hi @neroo20,

The building manager of your complex has asked to reschedule the upgrade works that we need to complete to give you service.

At this time we haven't been provided a new date from the building manager to complete the upgrade.(As we need access to the building).

We are still working with the building manager to get a date to complete the work we need to.

Might also be an idea to contact your building manager to get further details.