no landline

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I have just moved into my first rental and originally i tried to set up my nbn through dodo. although their is no landline conecting the house to the curb, so im unable to get any form of nbn. i contacted the rental owner and was told that if i went with tpg. they would do it all for free, meaning digging the trench installing the cables and setting everything up. i was just wondering if they actually do stuff like that or should i let the owner know that they wont do that??


Hi @ttocchi 


We'd like to check on what options we got for you.


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Hi @ttocchi . Is your rental an apartment or house?

You can find out how the NBN is being supplied to your rental.

Go to and enter your address.

It will tell you the connection method being used, or give the service class to indicate current stage.

NBNCo is supposed to provide a connection from the NBN infrastructure to the house.