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port forwarding not working Archer VR1600v residential NBN CGNAT issue?

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Hope someone can offer some feedback or suggestions on this...and how I might resolve it.

I am setting up port forwarding to a local server running nginx. This is something I've done before OK but quite a few years ago (at my residential address). Frustratingly none of the forwarding rules setup on the router show as open ports when I scan.

My research on Reddit/ChatGPT raised the suggestion that my connection is behind a CGNAT
since my public IP address is in the range, but the TPG ISP's connection gateway is in the range 10.xx.xx.xx, suggesting I am likely behind a form of NAT, possibly CGNAT (Carrier-Grade NAT).

Is this likely? Has anyone else encountered port forwarding issues?





Hi @hughb . It is not CGNAT. The 10 address you see is just the way TPG/NBN works.

In the forwarding rule, the interface you specify must be the same as the one which shows as Connected in DSL or EWAN status.

You can search in Community for other threads on port forwarding.


Hey @hughb, we'll check out what's happening with your port forwarding.


Send me a private message, let's take a look.