refund still not issued

Level 2

Hi, I have tried to sign up to ADSL plan with TPG however unfortunately due to phone line issue it could not go ahead. TPG has therefore informed me that they will issue me the full refund, initial $59.99 and then remainder of the amount $109.95 upon return of the modem. 


I have contacted customer service last week in regards to the refund as i am still awaiting for the remainder amount of $109.95 to be refunded. The modem was returned via startrack, tracking number W0MZ50001373 and it can be seen that TPG has received the modem back on the 28th oct. Can someone please follow this up and get my refund back? I have already tried to contact customer service last week, who have actually advised that the refund will be into my credit card within 3-5days, however it is now way past this promised date, and yet still no refund. My username is xxxxxx. 





Hi @youngjung31, we have located the account using your community details and we have coordinated your concern to our Accounts Team. You will be contacted by one of our accoun specialist to discuss the matter.


We'll also monitor this and keep you posted for updates where possible.


Hi @youngjung31, we can see that our Accounts Team has been in touch via email and discussed the concerns raised.


Should you have further queries, you can contact the assigned account specialist via return mail.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.