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I am currently on a 12 mbps plan as my current connection is only capable if 9.622 mbps as confirmed by TPG in their recent offer of compensation. When I connected to the NBN in Feb 2018 I was getting between 9 and 10 mbps but over time this has reduced to only 5 to 6 mbps with today down to  4.8 mbps. I have complained to NBN co directly but they have advised that as it is a speed issue it is up to TPG to investigate the problem. Accordingly it would be appreciated if you good investigate my reducing speed and provide a solution. I note that NBN co are supposed to provide  everyone with at least 25 mbps and I certainly would like to know how my existing slow connection of 9.622 mbps could be increased (perhaps NBN co need to provide additional FTTN boxes in my area)


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NBN FTTN uses the existing copper wire from the nearest node going to your premises, having said this, the degradation of the copper line due to many factors may affect the speed of the service that you are getting.


We'd like to look into it to understand the situation. Please shoot me a private message of your preferred time and best number to be contacted and I will arrange a call from our Tech team.


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Hi @antfra


We have arranged a callback for you today between 12:00 - 02:00 PM, with one of our senior technician, on the mobile number you have provided. 

Please expect their call and don't hesitate to let us know how it will go. 


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Hi @antfra


I understand that one of our technicians has been in touch. 


Please continue to monitor the connection and let us know should the issue persists.