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utility box A connection box for the nbn ™ lead -in copper cable , located on the outside of the

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can the utility box be located inside the dwelling


Good day @augerwood,


Do you mind me asking, what do you mean about the utility box? Where is it currently located?


Based on your account, you are under our NBN FTTN in which we are using the nearest Node to your premises, but there's no utility box in between.


Please provide us more details of your inquiry for us to give you correct information.


Kind regards,

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sorry my mistake, on signing up I recieved an e mail notifying me that I did not need to be home when the technician visited my dwelling to fit the box, From your reply it appears that the NBN connection is from the exchange direct to my home, is that correct?, I am using a computer in my library as my phone went dead at 10 am on the 30/01. thanks for your help. john


Hi @augerwood,


NBN FTTN connection is a way of delivering access to fast broadband by running fibre-optic cable to a neighbourhood node/cabinet and from there using the existing copper network to the end-user premises.


Since we are using the NBN service, the phone service will work when your handset is connected directly to the modem that we provided.


Let us know if we can provide any further assistance.


Kind regards,