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wall socket

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We have a technician coming out to install the NBN via HFC in our unit this week. I'd like to know if the wall socket we're using for our ADSL2 is acceptable or if another needs to be installed.

1. If another needs to be installed, where is the most appropriate place to have it installed? Landlord needs to be made aware before it gets installed.

2. If this socket is fine to use, do I need to buy anything else before the technician arrives?

3. I've just read somewhere that we could be charged a $300 fee as the first installers of NBN in our unit. Is this true? If so, we cannot afford this.


I've attached a photo of the socket below

Kind regards.

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Hi @pat750 Welcome to the community, I'll try and answer your questions.


1. Somewhere central in the unit would be useful for good WiFi coverage, a location such as a lounge room behind the main TV is a good place as the NBN modem and WiFi router can live on top of or within an entertainment unit.


2. A new coaxial wall socket will be installed for a HFC service connection, you won't be required to supply any of your own equipment.


3. The $300 fee as I read it is for new development installations such as new housing estates, it shouldn't apply to you.

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Appreciate the reply. Do you think they would be okay installing it next to where the ADSL socket currently is?

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Hi @pat750 I'd say that the existing location is probably the easiest for installation so if you'd prefer that just suggest it to the technician.

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Thank you. Hope it all runs smoothly!