worst wifi speed

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NBN Installer did install modem in garage and leave modem and router on garage floor. we are straggling from last 5 months with wifi speed getting buffering, feeling like living in 19s century. cant use wifi on first floor have to come down. at last called TPG specialist and they replied there is no support from TPG regarding this matter. so paying $70 per month for 45mbps which i didnt get ever and getting reply like there is NO SUPPORT FROM TPG waaooooo 


NO SUPPORT FROM TPG i can give name if you want i know its all recorded and  thats why i am telling again and  again i got this type of reply THERE IS NO SUPPORT FROM TPG GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!


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The Wireless/WiFi network can't be controlled by any service provider as it is an added feature of your modem/router.


The installation of the NBN NTD box (HFC) will depend on the location of the available wall-plate in your location/address, which no service provider has a control.


If you wish to relocate the NBN NTD box, you may need to contact NBN Co's Complaint team directly for further discussion. Here are their method of contacts: email - complaints@nbnco.com.au and Phone#1800 687 626.


In the meantime, you may check the advise of one of the community members : The Easiest Way to Fix Wi-Fi Issues: Move Your Router (Seriously)


Also, the article that we've created to improve your home WiFi network : Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home