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Can not connect to my mobile phone interface on TPG support site

Level 4

When I try to connect to my mobile phone page from the TPG website I am shown a page that shows there was a problem and try agin later, then I am logged out and need to log back in again, only for the same error to boot me off.

I saw an email with a plan upgrade I wanted to get but can not join the webpage to look into it or activate it.



I have had this error now for a few weeks since I got the advert from TPG to upgrade from my current plan to a $20 plan with 25gb of data. I want to review the pro's and con's but can not access it at all




Hi @skozzy 


Are you trying to access the mobile account from your internet account?


You need to login using your mobile account username or customer ID number in order to access it.


If it's still not working, then PM us and we'll check it for you.