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Can't call out or recieve phone calls.

Level 2

Since wednesday 17/01/2024 I have not been able to make calls, or recieve calls on my TPG sim.
I can send and recieve text messages and data is working fine, but no calls. No dial tone and when people call me it gets sent straight to voicemail message bank (however, I am not recieving their messages in my voicemail).

I have tried turning phone off and on again, tried all the trouble shooting advice listed on the website, taken out the sim and put it back in again, etc. to no avail.

On thursday 18/01/2024 I was in a serious car accident when a tree fell on my car. I could not even call emergency services, which was terrifying. I had to wait for a someone to stop their car to call me an ambulance. I can provide proof of car accident.

This is unnacceptable!
How can I call customer service if I cannot call anyone?!?


Hi @srob


We hope you're recovering well.

We want to make sure that your service is there when you need it, let's check out what's happening with your calls right here.


So that we can get a clear picture, please send us a private message. We'll take a good look at your account and work to get this fixed as soon as possible.