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Cancellation of Mobile Service & Landline disruption

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JM Level 1b
Level 1b



Id like to end my mobile service with TPG effective immediately and giving notice before my current billing cycle. Account No xxxxxxx


Please note the $11 porting fee was never disclosed when I signed up with TPG as a customer a few years ago and as a current TPG customer of landline plus internet broadband previously and now NBN for more than 5 years, I request that this fee be waived as you have done for other TPG customers on this forum.


This last week, we have been having disruptions on our phone landline and could not make calls. The disruptions did not all all the time but sporadic. Can you please check the line?


Would appreciate if moderator can confirm. Thanks






Hi @JM ,


Welcome to the community!


The port out fee is being charged to cover the cost of porting process and call routing systems when you change provider.

The details of the port out fee can be found on our website under -> Terms & Conditions ->Mobile Plan Brochure-> If you port your mobile service number to another carrier a port out fee of $11 is payable in addition to any other charges.


On the other hand, we're able to locate youra account using your given details and ran an initial test. The result shows no line fault that may cause dropouts with your home phone service. We'd like to confirm if the issue still occurs and how often you experience the issue.



JM Level 1b
Level 1b

Hi Shane


The phone line seems ok. Thanks for testing.

Im not checking it all the time but will monitor.


Feels unfair that the port out fee is charged especially since we are not made aware of it when signing up and a hidden cost which can only be found in the fine print which is not read out but asked to agree to when we are setting up the account.


Generally customer service from TPG always eager and persuasive about keeping us on or signing up with TPG and you should disclose what the charges are for leaving the service.


Please advise what fee TPG will charge for cancellation of NBN/phone service? My account is under no contract. It will be good to know this.





Hi @JM,


We're glad to know that the home phone is now working fine. We'd like to have one of our Account Specialists contact you to discuss details of closing you account. Let me know your best contact number and preferred time.


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community



JM Level 1b
Level 1b

Thanks Shane.

I'll send you my contact details.


Thanks for providing the contact details via PM, @JM. We have arranged one of our account specialists to contact you to address the concerns raised.


Please expect to receive a call between 1PM and 2PM NSW time today or 6:30PM and 7:30PM NSW time.