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Cancellation of mobile service is mission impossible

Level 2

I am trying to cancel the mobile service as i applied the sim plan for my mum to use and now she moves overseas. I called and was told to wait one day for them to call me as they are extremely busy. and was told to keep my phone at hand as they are going to call anytime.  While I insisit as I can not answer their call during a meeting, they JUST HANG UP MY CALL.  


I describe the fact that just happned. 


Hi @cloud ,


Thank you for reaching out to us today and this is definitely not the type of experience that we want you to have.


We're sorry to read that you have not receive a callback from our Mobile Specialist regarding your cancellation request. Nonetheless, we'll have someone to contact you at the soonest time.


Kindly private message to us your TPG mobile number, callback number and time, so we can arrange the callback for you.


Best regards,