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Cant send MMS on Galaxy S8 (tried all options suggested here)

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I am unable to send MMS pics, this has been an ongoing problem for well over 18mths. I have have spoken to your support persons many times, I have reconfigured manually (as shown on this forum) and had configuration settings sent to my phone on multiple occasions, with NO change, I have recieved new sim cards with no change also. When i select/take a pic (camera set to lowest resolution) it still only reduces the image to about 1M. I believe only images of less than 300Kb can be sent. I can recieve images no problems.

What program does this conversion to multimedia on the Samsung S8, I hope to manually configure this as this ongoing problem is really starting to annoy me...




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Hi Craig. Have you asked Samsung about this? It sounds more like something with the Messages app not converting the camera image. How does it go if you attach an existing image file to the message?

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Hi Craig

Did you ever resolve this issue.

I am going through the same thing

Community Manager

Hi @Simmo33,


Are you using a Samsung S8 as well? Send us a private message so we can grab some more details from you.