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Complaint: no resolution received to my TPG mobile international roaming problem

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Being overseas at present, on 2 March 2023, I advised TPG Mobile Support Team (TPG MST) by email that I was still unable to receive SMSs sent from Australia to my TPG mobile number, in spite of having topped up my international roaming pre-paid credit by $50. On 5 March, TPG MST responded, advising me to set my Android's "Preferred Country Provider" to manual, to try to search and connect to international roaming through a permitted  local provider.  After trying this procedure numerous times, and though finding 3 permitted providers, I was still unable to connect through any of them, so on 6 March, I  provided TPG MST with relevant details of my attempts. On 7 March, TPG MST responded with a short list of questions, seeking further details to assist TPG network engineers find a solution. I emailed back the answers the same day. Two weeks have passed, and I have not received any acknowledgement from TPG MST that they received my email of 7 March, nor from TPG network engineers that they are working on a resolution. I sent a follow-up email on 15 March, asking TPG MST to confirm if they had received my previous email, but I have received no response to this email either. In relation to my TPG mobile service  international roaming problem, I had previously submitted (on 14 February) an online TPG Confirm Identity Request form.  Due to the failure of TPG's mobile  international roaming service, I have been unable to receive OTPs from TPG or other Australian organisations via SMS for almost 2 months. 


Hi @geoshaw


Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. We'd like to look into this matter further and get it sorted. 


Please send in your TPG mobile number or account details via private message so we can reach out to the team involved.