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Haven't received my SIM card yet

Level 1a
Level 1a

hi there, my SIM card was meant to be shipped out on May 9th last week. I am in the Brisbane metro and still haven't received my SIM card yet.


Hi @kat.


Welcome to the Community!


We can see that the TPG SIM Card was shipped on 09 May via normal post.


For normal post delivery, it will take 2-3 working days for metro areas and 3-5 working days for rural and remote areas.


We are expecting for the TPG SIM Card to be delivered today, but in case you are unable to receive it, please let us know so we can take necessary actions.


Thank you.

Level 1a
Level 1a

Are you saying the delivery takes 5 working days for Brisbane metro? Coz, thats where I am. Until now, I haven't received the SIM card yet. Your online chat support yesterday mentioned, they will re-send the SIM if I dont receive it by end of yesterday. But you are saying today. 

1. inconsistent replies

2. misrepresentation on your promised delivery days.


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you, @kat.


We've reviewed the chat conversation and we can see that you were advised yesterday that it'll be by the end of tomorrow, which in this case, today.


As mentioned, we are unable to confirm the whereabouts of the TPG SIM, but we're expecting it to be delivered within the day.


We can request for a new TPG SIM to be shipped today, but we'd like to set your expectation that in case the first one arrived today, it will no longer work and you'll need to wait for the new one.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Level 1a
Level 1a
Hi, I do remember reading it as yesterday . Please send me the transcript. And resend another SIM as I still haven't received my SIM card yet, it's already past 5 pm here.

Hi @kat,


We'll send the conversation via private message as it contains your address.


We will also request to resend another SIM card at the same address on your account. Since it's already 5PM, the SIM card will be shipped tomorrow and it will take 2-3 working days for metro areas and 3-5 working days for rural and remote areas.


Kind regards,