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How I get a re-attempt to Port/transfer my mobile number from optus to tpg

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For the past 4 years, my mobile plan were with OPTUS. On the POTUS my date of birth written as 7 February and on tpg 07 February. I first selected the "port a prepaid number" option when buying a new sim only plan. As a new customer I bought a prepaid start-up pack (the first month + sim card). I recieved an email saying the port failed so I went to try the transfer again.

The problem is I can't find anywhere to re-attempt the port on TPG's website. So I called the number that was given in the email and it's so hard to get connected.

I need this fixed quickly, it shouldn't be this difficult. I'm very disappointed and I really don't want to have to cancel all this and find a different mobile provider.

Hi @Fasika


We've created an article that will guide/provide information to our customers who would like to port their number to TPG.


Porting or Transferring your Mobile Number to TPG


In your case, your number was successfully ported and your TPG SIM card is now active.