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Porting or Transferring your Mobile Number to TPG


What is mobile number porting?


Number porting allows you to keep your mobile number when moving from another service provider to TPG. You can conveniently transfer your existing mobile number from any provider in Australia to TPG when signing up with our service. Number porting is free of charge.


Before transferring your mobile number to TPG


Do not cancel your Mobile service with your current provider – the number needs to be active with your current provider at the time of transfer. Once the transfer is complete, your old service will automatically be disconnected.


You’ll be able to continue using your existing service during the transfer process.


How to port your Mobile Number to TPG


1.  During Mobile Registration, request to port your Mobile Number to TPG

Simply request to port your existing mobile number when prompted at the time of registration, whether this is through an online registration at or through our support team. Please ensure that all the information you supply for number porting are accurate to avoid any delay.


2.  SIM activation

When you recieve your new TPG SIM Card in the mail, activate your new TPG SIM Card through the TPG website. Follow the instructions provided in your SIM Card letter or click here for more info and a short video about how to activate your SIM card. Keep your old provider's SIM Card in the mobile phone during this step.


3.  Porting authorisation

When you request to activate your TPG SIM Card, you'll receive an SMS with a security code to authorise to bring your mobile number to TPG. You'll need to reply to the SMS with the code.


Please keep your current SIM Card in your mobile phone so that you can receive this SMS. If you have any difficulty replying to the SMS, contact our team on  1300 993 019.


4.  Number porting completed

The number porting request usually takes about 15 minutes to be completed during business hours but can take up to 2 days on weekends. Once  it's completed, your old mobile SIM from your previous provider will stop working. Simply insert your new TPG SIM Card to start using your new service.

Level 2


I want to port my mobile phone number. How can i make the initial paymnet



Hi @jufar123


Welcome to the Community!


You may follow the instructions given above and process the order here.


The type of payment method will be via Credit card or Direct debit account.


Stay safe and have a good day.



Level 2
After successfully porting my number to TPG I lost the SIM card and now my phone has stopped working. What is the quickest way to get a new TPG SIM card as I CANNOT wait for one in the mail

Hi @Tarynberg


We're sorry to learn that you lost your SIM. 


I have organised a call back to be made first thing tomorrow, 14 December 2020 from a member of our Mobile Specialists for assistance. 


Feel free to let us know should you require further assistance. 




Level 2
Could you please investigate why the porting of the number is taking so long? I recently got a Sim only service and would like to bring my number over to TPG from amaysim.

Hi @aaazim


Is your account under amaysim is still active?

In order to complete the porting of a number, the previous account should remain active while the number is being transferred.

If it's already inactive while the porting is in progress, then it will fail.



Level 2
Hi.I want to port my mobile number.How can I do.

Hi @Aungmon1360, you can request to port/transfer your existing number to TPG during the registration. This can be done online at or by speaking with our Mobile Sales team at 1300 242 011.


You can also send us a private message if you need further help.




Level 2

can i chat with TPG customer service online? TPG did not port my existing number form Circles, I can't make phone calls or use data for 20 hours now, it's very urgent! I need TPG to help me!