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How do I make local phone calls in Ireland on Australian mobile.

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I am using iPhone, have Global Roaming active (done in Australia) have a >$150 prepaid balance but cannot make calls to a local Irish number.


What settings have I missed?


Also, what prefixes (if any) do I need to add before I dial a local number?


I have been in the habit of turning Global Roaming and Mobilr Data off (on the phone but not in my account settings!) (and indeed the phone itself as well!) when not in use but turn them on before attempting to make a call. (But I do disconnect hotel WIFI as I need to use phone out of WIFI range! I have tried adding 00, 0011, 001135 3 before the number (and also removing the 0 from the start of the local area  code), but cannot seem to get it to work!


I thought about emailing TPG but cannot find a relevant email address for support!


I am almost at my wit's end and any help would be very much appreciated!


Thanks in anticipation!

Charles Willcox 


Hi Charles, 


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We'll need to check if you have enabled your roaming service then we can discuss your outgoing calls. Send us a PM with your customer ID and we'll take it from there. 

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