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Scam Text Messages

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There no other forum group about mobiles to post to, so doing it here.

I would like to know if TPG can help protect the community more from SMS Scams and even Phone Call Scams similar to what Telstra claim they are doing.
Text Message comming in from a name like AFTERPAY but not displaying a phone number, I believe TPG should intercept ALL text messages and add a phone number to the title, or replace the message caller with the phone number.
My wife and I just got a text message from AFTERPAY, we do not use it nor have we signed up, AFTERPAY is also not on our contact list so these should/must display the phone number. Or give us account setting options to block any text message that does not display a phone number.
As for phone calls from scamers, if a single number is calling multiple people in a short time frame then think about flagging the call or blocking it, or sending a follow up text message to us informing us that caller from "phone number 123456789"  has made X-Number of calls in the past 30 minutes and might be a scam.
Something better needs to be done, Telco's are making a huge profit from these scammer using the service, and too many are getting their lives ruined from it.


Hi @skozzy


We take all our customers privacy and security seriously. Our Cyber Security Teams work tirelessly to protect Australians from these scams and block a significant amount from coming through. Due to the volume of these scams around the world, while we block most of them, it is virtually impossible to block them all.


For the ones that do slip through the cracks, you can block the numbers yourself from your phone or report them to Scamwatch at


We also recommend reading the articles we have created below, for more information.


Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Scams, Spam Email, Call and SMS


Identifying Scam or Phishing E-mails, Calls and SMS




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