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I wish to access my accounts from overseas, but I'm a Level 1 community member

Level 2

I have 4 sim only plans for my family and I.


We are currently overseas and need to make the odd call/sms via Roaming. In order to do that, I need to log and add prepayments to each account/SIM. 


Because I'm overseas, I cannot logon even whilst using a VPN. 


I read in this group that if I send a PM to a Moderator, I could gain access. I've just registered here and been told that as I am a Level 1 Member - I cannot send a PM. 


Perhaps if a Mod could message me - I could get some assistance? 

Level 2

Never mind. Have sent a PM successfully. 

Level 7

Yes, as a result of your public post you are now L2 and can PM, as you've  discovered.