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I can't make or receive mobile calls on TPG Sim

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Until recently I had no problem but since around a week or so ago I can't make or receive calls to my sim in my phone although switching it to my wife's phone it can do so fine and I can receive calls from my sim in her phone to her sim in my phone.... all a bit confusing. When the sim is in my phone, there is no dial tone when calling until it just drops the call. In my wife's phone, dial tone and making calls with no issue.


I have restarted my phone, changed sim slots and now when I go in to the sim settings neither sim is set for calls and I can't seem to select one. My phone is an Android. 

Any help or insight would be great, thanks


Hi @Kustem 


How's your service? Are you still not able to receive and make calls using your handset?


What is the make and model of you and your wife's handset?


Does your wife use TPG SIM as well?



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I have the same problem. Have you solved the problem?
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Yes the problem is solved, I had to activate "VoLTE" setting on my phone and instantly it worked again.

It is not available on all models but if you do a search you should be able to find if your phone has it and how to activate. 

For my phone which is a Xiaomi Poco X3 I had to enter a code to activate as the setting wasn't shown in the menu.


Hope this helps

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Hi, which one was the code?