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Longer phone ringing

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I have a Lumina phone which I have migrated from Telstra service to TPG provider.  I would like to extend the length of time the phone rings however it appears this is provider specific. Therefore, the Telstra Lumia code to call is **61*101**seconds#  up to 30 seconds rather than the 15 seconds given normally.  Unfortunately TPG does not seem to accept this. The advice page states OPTUS  has a code to dial and VODAPHONE has an online site.  TPG seems to default to VODAPHONE, when I look at the details of my SIM, however I cannot identify where to extend the ringing. 

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Hello @nadineg


I suggest trying: **61*121**30#      or    **61*+61414121000**30#

(Where the 30 is the number of seconds ring time you want).


Let me know if this works! Smiley Happy


P.S:If wondering how to press a + on your phone keypad, I was able to do this on my iPhone by holding down the 0 key.