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International Roaming is not working

Level 2

Hi there!

I activiated International Roaming before leaving Australia and I cannot receive or make any calls/SMS in Mozambique or South Africa or UAE.


I did the following:

- Checked "My Account" > "Mobile Service Control Panel" > "International Roaming" is enabled.

- Data is not enabled.

- Have 5 bars with the reception when I phone is turned on

- Tried manually select Network provider. E.g. in Mozambique, mCel is available but I wasn't automatically/manually able to register to mCel network.


Please provide a solution ASAP. TPG has taken $500 from me and doesn't provide the service which is working. 


Hi @forest


Welcome to the Community!


We've created an article that will help you troubleshoot the issue with the international roaming.

Refer to this article: TPG Mobile International Call Troubleshooting


If you are still unable to use the service, please send me a PM with your preferred email address to be contacted and will raise this with our Mobile experts.


How do I private message (PM) in the community



Level 2

Any update from the engineers? It's been a long time since I logged the problem.




We'll make another follow up with our Mobile Team and we'll have a specialist contact you via Email to discuss the status of the case.