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International calls not working

Level 2

Hi, I am unable to make International calls (100 minutes are included into my plan), The phone is silent (no dialing tones) and then after several seconds turns call off without any messages at all.

Sometimes I can make calls on landlines but not on any mobiles overseas.

Very frustrated.


Hi @pilotsignal53,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you are on our Standard plus NBN50 speed tier plan which doesn't have a 100 minute international calls. Your phone calls will be pay as you go. You may refer to our website:, for more information.


We can see that the home phone status is active and should be working. Is your home phone connected to the UNI-V1 port on the NBN box? If yes, since you cannot hear any dial tone, please press and hold the reset button on the NBN box for 30 seconds. You'll see the reset button on the bottom of the box.


Keep us posted with the result. If it's still doesn't give you a dial tone, I'll arrange a call from our tech team to look into it further.


Kind regards,