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International roaming not working

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Hello Erika

Thank you for helping with my issue and I can bring you up to date with a development. I have on my TPG account a Samsung Galaxy S5 ( my wife's phone) and a Samsung Note 5 ( my phone). The problem phone has been the S5 which we have tried to use daily overseas without success. The Note 5 has been turned off but because the S5 has not been connecting to the International networks I tried the Note 5 and found it worked fine.


Galaxy S5Galaxy S5What I have found is that the S5 has an extra function under Mobile Networks that the Note 5 does not have called Data Roaming. This was set by default to National Roaming Only, so it would not work overseas. Changing the setting to All Networks has solved the problem. We had been unaware of this setting and had assumed that turning the Mobile Data setting on and off was the way to manage the use of data.

So all is now well and the S5 is working fine on International Roaming. It seems strange that the S5 has this additional setting that the Note 5 does not have.

I have elaborated on this solution in case there are others who may be unaware of the need to change this setting in order to access international roaming.



Hi @Heka7, thanks for the update and for sharing this information to the community.


We are glad to know that the international roaming issue has been resolved.


Should you require any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!