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International roaming troubleshooting guide

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This support article will assist you with common international roaming issues:

  • How to connect to a roaming network.
  • Selecting a network Manually
  • Accessing roaming data.
  • Making calls and sending text messages.
  • How do callers reach me while roaming?

How to connect to a roaming network.

If you have roaming active on your account, once you arrive in your destination, you should automatically connect to a network. If you're unable to connect to a network, try these troubleshooting steps first:


1. Make sure international roaming is active on your account. You can manage your roaming settings through My Account

Follow this Community Guide if you need to activate international roaming


2. Try turning of your phone or doing a hard reset to see if it finds a network.

For Iphone follow the bellow steps




For Android follow the below steps 


Android off.png



If this fails we may need to search for a network manually.


Selecting a network manually

If there is no network coverage on the phone after you turned phone off and on.

We will need to see if we can choose an available network manually.

For Iphone follow the below steps




For Android follow the below steps




Accessing roaming data.                


If you're connected to a roaming network but unable to access data roaming, try these troubleshooting steps:

For Iphone follow the bellow steps




For Android follow the bellow steps


DataRoam And.png

 Making calls and sending text messages


If you’re calling back to Australia from the country where you’re roaming, dial the number in international format.

For example, if you’re calling Australian mobile number ‘04** *** ***’ while roaming in another country:
1. Enter the exit code ‘+’.
2. Enter the country code for Australia ‘61’.
3. Enter the mobile number ‘4** *** ***’, dropping the ‘0’ at the start.

Therefore, to call the Australian number using international format, dial ‘+ 61 4** *** ***’.

This will be the same for SMS make sure it is in international format above.


If you’re calling locally within the country where you're roaming, dial the number the same way you would when calling from a local phone, including the area code if needed.

For example, if you’re calling the local number ‘456 7890’ and the area code is ‘123’:
• If you’re in the same area, dial the number ‘456 7890’.
• If you’re in another part of the country, dial the number with area code ‘123 456 7890’.


How do callers reach me while roaming?

Callers in Australia can dial your number as they normally would if you’re in Australia.

Callers outside Australia will need to enter your number in international format.


You can contact us in the Community if your having roaming issues