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Just sign up TPG Plan

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Just to sign up for the 100GB plan.

1) But after placing my sim card on my phone, TPG cannot be called out?

2) When trying to log in to my account, got the ID to input my phone number. But what is my password?

so, try to use forget the password to receive and input a new password. but keep asking me the TPG post code? What is the TPG postcode?

3) Is it because trying to transfer my Starhub number to TPG, so it cannot work for the past 3 days? (but TPG issues a temporary TPG number for me to use it)


Need help and advice, please.


My TPG number is 80173034.



Hi @JamesKoh1944


It looks that this is for a TPG SG mobile service. You have reached the support for TPG Telecom Australia and I would like to refer you to the SG mobile support.


You may send an email to Singapore Mobile Team at or visit their Facebook Page at