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Mobile: 4G and Network Coverage Always Good But There's Generally No Internet Connection

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Hi TPG Community,


I recently switched to TPG mobile from Optus. I live in the inner west and I'm supposed to have perfect coverage. I even have a Vodafone base station over my building. So, I have 4G and connection bars generally perfectly fine. But especially in the mornings, although the network bars and 4G showing fine on my phone, I get no internet connection.


I try restarting the phone, and try to manually connect to network (normally it's automatic) but nothing helps. Only thing helps 5% of the time is to call a number. When I make a call to a number, 4G becomes 3G. Then only 5% of the time, after I hang up the call, I get the internet back. But generally this method also doesn't work but it's my only shot. I get no connection whole morning so my train rides are pretty boring. Do you guys think that I might have a faulty SIM card? What could the problem be? 


Thank you 




Hi @barryguvenkaya,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We are sorry to know that you are having issues with the mobile data.


As per checking, you have been in touch with one of our Mobile Specialists who has escalated the issue to our Mobile Escalations Team.


Our system shows that there are mobile data usages and we would like to confirm if the issue has been resolved.


Feel free to drop us a message should you require assistance so we can organise for a contact to be made.

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Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings. 


This helped me.